adipose tissue

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adipose tissue

adipose tissue (ădˈəpōsˌ): see connective tissue.
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Adipose Tissue


a type of connective tissue in animals, formed from the mesenchyma and consisting of fat cells.

A fat cell, whose specific function is fat accumulation and metabolism, is almost entirely filled with a fat drop surrounded by a ring of cytoplasm. The nucleus is pushed into the periphery. In vertebrates, adipose tissue is found mostly under the skin (subcutaneous), in the omentum, and between organs, forming a soft, elastic padding. The main physiological functions of adipose tissue are to serve as an energy depot (the amount of fat decreases in the cells during starvation and increases when nourishment is increased) and to prevent the body from losing heat. In aquatic mammals living in the cold waters of the arctic and antarctic, the layer of subcutaneous adipose tissue is very thick (as much as 50 cm in some whales). Excessive development of adipose tissue in man leads to obesity.

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adipose tissue

[′ad·ə‚pōs ′tish·ü]
A type of connective tissue specialized for lipid storage.
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At the end of the study, the researchers found that both the exercise forms reduced the amount of epicardial adipose tissue mass in the body as compared to no exercise.
In the high HOMA-IR group, serum vaspin concentrations were positively correlated with age and visceral adipose tissue mass.
The methylation status of the putative UCP3 promoter region was examined in the adipose tissue and skeletal muscle of Putian Black pig at three different ages (Figure 2).
The researchers conducted a separate clinical study of 16 people to demonstrate that statins reduce the activity of brown adipose tissue.
However, the quantity and distribution of fat in the adipose tissue are important contributors to meat quality, such as taste and nutritional quality of the meat (Lozeman et al., 2001; Wood et al., 2008; Bong et al., 2010).
Since cardiac adipose tissue has profound role in inflammation, EAT may also be involved in IBS due to systemic effects.
skeletal muscle and adipose tissue are adversely affected by disrupted sleep and circadian rhythms.
The Lipogems system is a comprehensive kit that uses a minimally invasive procedure to harvest, concentrate, then transfer the patient's own adipose tissue, typically from the patient's belly or "love handles."
The company said the Lipogems system comes in a comprehensive kit and uses a minimally invasive procedure to harvest, concentrate and transfer the patient's own adipose tissue from the patient's belly or "love handles." The procedure can be performed in the office or surgical setting in under an hour.
Until now, it has only been possible to measure the heat output of brown adipose tissue by means of invasive methods.
In addition to normal adipose tissue that surrounds the heart and the great blood vessels (epicardial and pericardial adipose tissue, paracardial or mediastinal adipose tissue and pericoronary or perivascular epicardial fat), fat is also stored within the cardiomyocytes, mostly in the form of triglyceride droplets (1,2).