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The determination and application of corrections to orthometric differences of elevation or to orthometric elevations to make the elevation of all bench marks consistent and independent of the circuit closures.
The placing of detail or control stations in their positions relative to other detail or control stations.
The process of mental change to allow an individual to function harmoniously with his environment.



the aggregate of operations concerning the preparation, tooling, regulation, and tuning of a machine, with the aim of ensuring its performance under predetermined conditions during a definite time interval (an hour, shift, or day; the period of durability of the tool or the period for processing a set of parts). Adjustment is a part of the production process.

Adjustments are usually performed after assembly of machines (after installation) or after a temporary stoppage because of malfunction (breakdown, wear, decrease in rigidity, loss of precision, and so on). Adjustment is performed on machine tools, measuring instruments, electrical and radio equipment, transportation equipment, and tools, as well as their aggregates (for example, a transportation system or a flow production line).

The cost of adjustments may be decreased by using standardized elements and automatic adjustment devices. Adjustment costs have been reduced to a minimum for machines with programmed control and automatic control systems.

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As described above, the royalty payment attributable to the fourth calendar quarter of 2006 (and thus the distribution announced today) was decreased as a result of negative adjustments to royalty payments previously received by Mesabi Trust due to changes in the estimated selling prices of iron ore pellets under the CCI Pellet Agreements and Northshore's previous estimate of shipments attributed to Mesabi Trust during the first calendar quarter of 2006.
The modified basis adjustment rules in the DCL regulations do not alter merely the timing of basis adjustments.
The Federal Reserve Board on September 27, 2002, published its annual adjustment of the dollar amount that triggers additional disclosure requirements under the Truth in Lending Act for mortgage loans that bear rates or fees above a certain amount.
Eventually, all the IRS was willing to do for those later cycles was to eliminate adjustments against the taxpayer only if there was an adjustment of a similar size in the taxpayer's favor that would also be eliminated.
I Ultimately, a third successor auditor issued an unqualified report, which contained the adjustments Deloitte & Touche had proposed.
The prices under the CCI Pellet Agreements are subject to interim and final pricing adjustments, dependent in part on multiple price and inflation index factors that are not known until after the end of a contract year.
As a result of the audit, the IRS proposed an adjustment to increase 2004 income by $100,000.
They should risk-rate all accounts and reconcile high- and medium-risk accounts in time to incorporate general ledger adjustments into the company's earnings release.
The adjustment and unitrust provisions, which must comply with detailed notice and beneficiary consent requirements, will prove important to trustees and their advisers.
The purpose of our paper is to provide a review of the literature on the psychological factors associated with the adjustment and outcome of work-related amputation.
For depository institutions that report weekly, the low reserve tranche adjustment and the reserve requirement exemption amount adjustment will apply to the fourteen-day reserve computation period that began Tuesday, November 23, 2004, and the corresponding fourteen-day reserve maintenance period that begins Thursday, December 23, 2004.
When managed properly, tenants are typically notified on a quarterly basis of any adjustments or rate increases that will be applied to their rent bill.