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(1) Officer attached to a superior for various assignments. In the Soviet Army prior to 1954, also a line position in individual battalions (divisions).

(2) In the prerevolutionary Russian Army, also the position of the officer in charge of clerical duties on staffs and administrations (senior, regimental, battalion, and divisional adjutant). Appeared first in the second half of the 17th century under the name of esaul. The position of adjutant was legitimated by the 1716 Troop Regulations.

(3) Court military office in the retinue of a monarch. Adjutant of the rank of a general is called an adjutant general and of an officer rank, aide-de-camp.

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The authors of this article appreciate the adjutancy of Research and Technology at the university and all experts at Medical Records Department who are working in hospitals of Golestan.
In the field method, all the subjects were considered including: all inhabitants (male and female inhabitants) of 12th district of Tehran's municipality, all pedestrians (male and female) in 15th Khordad Avenue of Tehran's Bazaar, all tradespeople in 15th Khordad avenue (second phase of Bazaar) and Tehran's Bazaar & all local managers and beneficiary institutions such councils of the two quarters of Pamenar and Bazaar (due to proximity to 15th Khordad Avenue), interested adjutancy in the municipality of the district (such as Department of Coordination and Planning, Urbanization Department, Technical Assistance and Development) groups of people and shopkeepers and etc.