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(1) Officer attached to a superior for various assignments. In the Soviet Army prior to 1954, also a line position in individual battalions (divisions).

(2) In the prerevolutionary Russian Army, also the position of the officer in charge of clerical duties on staffs and administrations (senior, regimental, battalion, and divisional adjutant). Appeared first in the second half of the 17th century under the name of esaul. The position of adjutant was legitimated by the 1716 Troop Regulations.

(3) Court military office in the retinue of a monarch. Adjutant of the rank of a general is called an adjutant general and of an officer rank, aide-de-camp.

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Department commanders and adjutants are mission critical to ensure we can continue to serve veterans and their families," said National Adjutant Marc Burgess.
BEIRUT: A group of young men beat up on Thursday police adjutants Mohammad Yassine and Mohammad Matar while they were on duty in the southern town of Nabatieh.
Adjutants general attending the May meeting were briefed on the updated security strategy by EUCOM commander Gen.
We take a two-pronged approach," said Dave Tannenbaum, secretary-treasurer of the Commanders and Adjutants Association.
The National Guard is currently in the process of deploying 37 ViewStation EX and 17 VS4000 systems in the Adjutants General offices across the country.
DAV is perpetually evolving, and Department Commanders and Adjutants are critical to ensure veteran-related issues are raised to supporters and stakeholders in their hometowns," said National Adjutant Marc Burgess.
Major General Stroud served in the United States military for over fifty years, serving as Adjutant General of Louisiana for over 17 years before retiring in November of 1997.
DAV is evolving, and Department Commanders and Adjutants are critical to our service and outreach efforts to veterans in their communities," said National Adjutant Marc Burgess.
DAV's State Commanders and Adjutants Association (C&A) is a vital link between Chapter and Department officers and our professional staff.
Commanders and Adjutants are encouraged to identify unmet needs and develop projects to serve ill and injured veterans in their communities.
Peake prior to the Commanders and Adjutants business session.
Condon during the Commanders & Adjutants Association meeting, brought the sunshine state's total contribution to the Trust to $500,001.