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(1) Officer attached to a superior for various assignments. In the Soviet Army prior to 1954, also a line position in individual battalions (divisions).

(2) In the prerevolutionary Russian Army, also the position of the officer in charge of clerical duties on staffs and administrations (senior, regimental, battalion, and divisional adjutant). Appeared first in the second half of the 17th century under the name of esaul. The position of adjutant was legitimated by the 1716 Troop Regulations.

(3) Court military office in the retinue of a monarch. Adjutant of the rank of a general is called an adjutant general and of an officer rank, aide-de-camp.

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Curiously enough, the Jackal and the Adjutant made the very same remark not three minutes after the men had left.
The annual DAV State Commanders and Adjutants Association's orientation, held at DAV National Headquarters this summer, gave 130 state-level leaders a snapshot view of DAV's multifaceted mission of service to veterans and their families.
The two adjutants of the national army were killed on Friday as a mine exploded on a convey of armoured vehicles in a trail in the southern side of Chmbi, inside the closed military zone.
The National Guard Associations, the Pennsylvania National Guard Associations, and all 54 Adjutants General are working hard with our elected leaders to mitigate the impact of this shutdown.
Summary: <p>A group of young men beat up on Thursday police adjutants Mohammad Yassine and Mohammad Matar while they were on duty in the southern town of Nabatieh.
European Command Adjutants General State Partnership Program Conference.
A "lessons learned" session on Hurricane Katrina will include National Guard Adjutants General.
The annual DAV State Commanders and Adjutants Associations Orientation, held at DAV National Headquarters this summer, gave 130 state-level leaders a better understanding of DAV's collective mission of service to veterans and their families across the nation.
Fueled by misinformation from some Air Force officers, it appears a handful of House Armed Services Committee members are willing to circumvent the legislative process to force a budget on the Air National Guard that the governors, the adjutants general and most in Congress oppose.
Nasdaq: PLCM), a leader in video and voice conferencing, conference bridges, and integrated web collaboration solutions, today announced that the United States National Guard Bureau, working through federal systems contractor Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), has awarded AGT and Titan Systems the contract for equipping the offices of its 54 Adjutants General with Polycom video conferencing technology.
DAV's State Commanders and Adjutants Association (C&A) is a vital link between Chapter and Department officers and our professional staff.
In a letter today to the chairmen and the ranking members of the congressional committees that will ultimately determine the defense budget, the Adjutants General Association of the United States asked lawmakers to "freeze" the Air Force's 2013 budget request until lawmakers can comprehensively review the submission.