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A person responsible for managing a computer or network and who has full access to the hardware and software. Users are generally the administrators of their own computers, because fresh out of the box, whoever sets up the machine can create administrator privileges for the user.

If the machines are company owned, users are given fewer privileges. For example, they cannot change certain permissions or internal files. See root level, privilege and access rights.

There Are Different Kinds of Administrators
In an organization's IT department, technicians often have administrator titles. See data administrator, database administrator, network administrator and system administrator.
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The 22-year-old student was admin for the @parade69 group on Telegram, which was followed by about 30,000 people.
And after announcing his resignation as the WhatsApp group admin the first thing following his return, heads are expected to roll in other official WhatsApp groups as well.
Durham, NC, January 23, 2019 --( Outdated servers and unwieldy management tools can monopolize IT teams' time and prevent admins from responding to business needs as they arise.
Ms @MsLeaSalonga on inflation: "Dapat tingnan kung ito ba'y nangyari rin sa past admin at kung nagalit din ba tayo noon."
Admin. Code [section]211.9, relating to General Considerations (43 TexReg 5636).
"Today, we're announcing two new ways admins can gain greater insight into their organizations to help employees focus on work that's core to success."
Arsenal said most fans buy a ticket outright, for which there is no admin fee.
These third-party apps are accessible by admins through a new in-Facebook Groups apps browser that gives the platform control over discoverability.
First, a user must be in a larger group where the admin has access to the subscription options and posts an invitation for members to check it out.
figure By SAM WAMBUGUbr Social media apps provide excellent avenues for individuals to unite and pursue a course.A social media group administrator (commonly referred to as admin) ensures that everyone in the group plays nice and that the group stays glued together.
According to the patients, the canteen-holder is being supported by the THQ Hospital's Admin officer Ali Raza.
Sharjah- The Sharjah Public prosecution has registered a case against the admin of a WhatsApp group and its members for allegedly uploading and circulating pornographic videos and photos.