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1. the conduct of the affairs of government
2. the executive branch of government along with the public service; the government as a whole
3. Chiefly US the political executive, esp of the US; the government
4. Chiefly US a government board, agency, authority, etc.
5. Property law
a. the conduct or disposal of the estate of a deceased person
b. the management by a trustee of an estate subject to a trust



(1) Management or direction.

(2) Formal bureaucratic management, conducted merely by orders and edicts; a commanding that ignores the role of the masses in the management of socialist production.



(1) In the broad sense, administration refers to all the managerial activities of a state, which Marx called “the organizational activity of the state” (K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch., 2nd ed., vol. 1, p. 440). The state administration of the USSR consists of the executive agencies of the state which exercise managerial functions—that is, the day-to-day management of economic, social, cultural, administrative, and political development in the Soviet socialist state.

(2) In the narrower sense, administration refers to the officials of an institution or enterprise. For instance, the director of an enterprise and his deputies or the head of a higher educational institution and his deputies constitute the administration of the enterprise or higher educational institution, respectively.

The actions of Soviet administration are governed by law. The general legal principles governing the actions of the state administration are set forth in the USSR Constitution and the constitutions of the Union and autonomous republics. The legal status and the competence of administrations of enterprises and institutions are specified in the charter of the institution. The Party organization in CPSU enterprises have the right, in conformity with the rules of the CPSU, to monitor the actions of the administration (art. 59). The work of administration is greatly assisted by the trade union organizations or enterprises and institutions, by permanent production conferences, and other organizations. The relations between different levels of administration are based on the principles of democratic centralism.

Every administration is invested with the necessary rights to fulfill the duties it is charged with—for instance, the right to issue acts of administration, to hire and dismiss workers and employees, and to reward and discipline subordinates. The administration of an institution or enterprise represents its interests with respect to outside parties. It concludes agreements, pleads in court, and represents the institution or enterprise in arbitration and other state agencies as well as in public organizations.


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We can administer federal medical leave act, state disability, paid family leave, pregnancy disability leave--all under one roof, and provide administrative services for all of those inter-related laws and regulations.
Law School Admissions Council officials said they administer four exams each year, each costing more than $600,000 to produce, making even a single test ``intellectual property'' that is almost irreplaceable.
PCA breaks this cycle and allows the patient to administer a dose of analgesic at the onset of the pain sensation, resulting in immediate relief.
Certain statements in this press release, including statements regarding the RFID Consortium's selection of Via Licensing to administer the UHF RFID patent licensing program pursuant to a non-binding term sheet, the expected terms of the proposed UHF RFID patent licensing program, the potential acceleration of market acceptance of the RFID standard, the benefits of joint licensing programs in general and the benefits of the proposed UHF RFID patent licensing program in particular, the greater adoption of standards through joint licensing programs, and the benefits of RFID capable products, are "forward-looking statements" that are subject to risks and uncertainties.
LACERA administers and manages the retirement fund for the County of Los Angeles, valued at $29 billion.
The company administers more than $9 billion of nonqualified plan assets.
NHF sets up and administers "foundations at NHF" that are created by individuals, corporations and communities.
IntelliMetric administers and scores responses to open-ended questions over the Internet using advanced artificial intelligence technology.

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