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1. the conduct of the affairs of government
2. the executive branch of government along with the public service; the government as a whole
3. Chiefly US the political executive, esp of the US; the government
4. Chiefly US a government board, agency, authority, etc.
5. Property law
a. the conduct or disposal of the estate of a deceased person
b. the management by a trustee of an estate subject to a trust
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(1) Management or direction.

(2) Formal bureaucratic management, conducted merely by orders and edicts; a commanding that ignores the role of the masses in the management of socialist production.



(1) In the broad sense, administration refers to all the managerial activities of a state, which Marx called “the organizational activity of the state” (K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch., 2nd ed., vol. 1, p. 440). The state administration of the USSR consists of the executive agencies of the state which exercise managerial functions—that is, the day-to-day management of economic, social, cultural, administrative, and political development in the Soviet socialist state.

(2) In the narrower sense, administration refers to the officials of an institution or enterprise. For instance, the director of an enterprise and his deputies or the head of a higher educational institution and his deputies constitute the administration of the enterprise or higher educational institution, respectively.

The actions of Soviet administration are governed by law. The general legal principles governing the actions of the state administration are set forth in the USSR Constitution and the constitutions of the Union and autonomous republics. The legal status and the competence of administrations of enterprises and institutions are specified in the charter of the institution. The Party organization in CPSU enterprises have the right, in conformity with the rules of the CPSU, to monitor the actions of the administration (art. 59). The work of administration is greatly assisted by the trade union organizations or enterprises and institutions, by permanent production conferences, and other organizations. The relations between different levels of administration are based on the principles of democratic centralism.

Every administration is invested with the necessary rights to fulfill the duties it is charged with—for instance, the right to issue acts of administration, to hire and dismiss workers and employees, and to reward and discipline subordinates. The administration of an institution or enterprise represents its interests with respect to outside parties. It concludes agreements, pleads in court, and represents the institution or enterprise in arbitration and other state agencies as well as in public organizations.


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The panel had recommended that the move was not legally and administratively justified.
He promised to provide the aid administratively if Lincoln would agree to delete her proposed $1.5 billion in ag disaster assistance funding from the small business package.
Students intake consumer complaints and work to administratively resolve these complaints through a conciliation or administrative hearing.
Laurent is administratively responsible for all businesses in Canada, including crop protection, chemicals, plastics and performance products, and plays a key role in continuing BASF's commitment to Responsible Care and its initiatives.
He is administratively responsible for all business in Canada, including crop protection, chemicals, plastics and performance products.
The international tribunal "would be administratively ready to welcome the General Prosecutor" who is Daniel Bellemare.
Djelic in turn declared that Serbia will technically and administratively be ready to enter the EU in 2012, as it will harmonise all its regulations with those of the EU and will do everything possible to fully cooperate with the ICTY by that time.
Deykes will report to the Cooper-Standard Automotive Board of Directors' Audit Committee and administratively to Allen Campbell, chief financial officer.
Einhorn immersed himself in the AICPA's efforts to correct, both administratively and legislatively, the flawed law Congress passed in May' 2007 that raised the tax return reporting standards for tax return preparers to a level higher than that required of taxpayers (i.e., the "'more likely than not" threshold).
The properties are zoned already for retail use and can be approved administratively.
It is expected that Brussels will propose either that giant energy companies split generation and transmission activities administratively within the company or place assets separately into new "independent system operators" without forfeiting actual ownership.

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