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any of various nymphalid butterflies, esp the red admiral or white admiral
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(from Arabic amir al bahr, “ruler on the sea”), a navy rank. It was first used in Europe in the 12th century in Venice and Genoa and later spread to the navies of other countries. In Russia admiral ranks (admiral general, admiral, vice admiral, and rear admiral) were introduced by Peter I in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The May 7, 1940, decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet created the following ranks in the USSR Navy: rear admiral, vice admiral, admiral, and admiral of the fleet; and in the navy engineering corps, engineer rear admiral, engineer vice admiral, and engineer admiral. On March 3, 1955, the rank of admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union replaced the rank of admiral of the fleet, and on April 18, 1962, the rank of admiral of the fleet was reintroduced and added to all those existing.

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"Please don't think me impertinent, Admiral Pendragon.
The Admiral lifted the hairless arches over his eyes and exclaimed: "Well, I don't know where you got it, but the truth is I can't stand the fellow, though I've no excuse for discharging a family servant.
"I hope it'll all end tonight," continued the Admiral, "when my nephew comes back safe from his ship.
"Yes," groaned the Admiral; "by one of those brutal accidents on which are built all the lying mythologies of mankind, they were both shipwrecked.
"The idea is utterly ridiculous," replied the Admiral, beating a tattoo on the back of his chair.
Admiral Pendragon sat down again as abruptly as he had risen; but he sat quite still, and when he spoke again it was in a lower voice.
"Always some little thing to be done," he said with idiotic cheerfulness; "as George Herbert says: `Who sweeps an Admiral's garden in Cornwall as for Thy laws makes that and the action fine.' And now," he added, suddenly slinging the broom away, "Let's go and water the flowers."
That's right; and Sir Cecil could have that sword the Admiral threw away by the fence here.
"I mean," said Father Brown, "that one of the Admiral's scientific predictions is coming true tonight.
He has been within a shave of another shipwreck; and would never have escaped it, if the lady hadn't had the sense to suspect the old Admiral's telegram and come down to watch him.
Lecount's persuasion were required to induce him to write t he admiral's address for the second time.
Rear Admiral Muhammad Saeed got commission in Pakistan Navy in 1988.