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Plath, Sylvia,

1932–63, American poet, b. Boston. Educated at Smith College and Cambridge, Plath published poems even as a child and won many academic and literary awards. Her first volume of poetry, The Colossus (1960), is at once highly disciplined, well crafted, and intensely personal; these qualities are present in all her work. Ariel (1968), considered her finest book of poetry, was written in the last months of her life and published posthumously, as were Crossing the Water (1971) and Winter Trees (1972). Her late poems reveal an objective detachment from life and a growing fascination with death. They are rendered with ruthless art, describing the most extreme reaches of Plath's consciousness and passions. Her one novel, The Bell Jar (1971), originally published in England under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas in 1962, is autobiographical, a fictionalized account of a nervous breakdown she suffered when in college. Plath was married (1956–63) to the British poet Ted HughesHughes, Ted
(Edward James Hughes), 1930–98, English poet, b. Mytholmyroyd, Yorkshire, studied Cambridge. Hughes's best poetry focuses on the unsentimental within nature.
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. She committed suicide in London in Feb., 1963. Her brief life, troubled marriage, and fiercely luminous poetry have provided the raw materials for interpretation by a small army of biographers, feminists, memoirists, novelists, playwrights, scholars, and others.


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Plath, Sylvia

(1932–63) poet; born in Boston, Mass. A graduate of Smith College, she had a Fulbright Scholarship to Oxford, where she met and married the English poet, Ted Hughes. She had written poetry since childhood; her first volume of poems, A Winter Ship (1960), was published anonymously; her next volume was The Colossus and Other Poems (1960); her autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar (1963), appeared just before her suicide (1963); other volumes of her poetry appeared posthumously. She was generally regarded as belonging to the modern "confessional school" because of the highly personal nature of her intense, often anguished poetry.
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Mountain delivered of a Mouse", produces the moral of his fable in ridicule of pompous pretenders; and his Crow, when she drops her cheese, lets fall, as it were by accident, the strongest admonition against the power of flattery.
Then, after many good nights, and admonitions to wrap up, and glancing of lights, and handing in of cloaks and shawls, the chaise rolled away, and Joe trotted beside it--on Dolly's side, no doubt, and pretty close to the wheel too.
Public disciplinary actions taken by CFP Board, in order of increasing severity, include letters of admonition, suspensions and permanent revocations.
Earlier on Monday, Mashhadi had given an admonition, saying that his party could push Karachi into a lockdown mode if Altaf was not provided with his passport.
10 letter of admonition to Bevans, saying he "knowingly disobeyed an obligation" in a parenting time dispute case.
With all of this emphasis on the words, however, it should be helpful to recall the Council of Trent's admonition that we believe the eucharistic presence is the result of the entire Eucharistic Prayer; that is the recalling of Christ and the invocation of the Spirit as well as the words of institution.
A censure is the highest sanction that the commission can issue, short of recommending a judge's removal or retirement; a public reprimand is a higher sanction than a public warning; a public warning is a midlevel sanction; and an admonition is the lowest public sanction.
The trilateral meeting between US President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu and PA Chairman Abbas began with a handshake, and an admonition.
As the Surah opens, God states an oath by an Arabic letter of the alphabet, Sad, as well as by the Qur'an, which He describes here as "full of admonition.
I am very weary of it, and I have been fighting this scientifically unsupportable admonition for 40 years.
Answering criticism, Pastor Tim LaBouf issued a letter explaining that, though there were other factors that led to Mary Lambert's dismissal, First Timothy's admonition concerning female teachers applied: "I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she is to keep silent" (2:12).
The truth of the admonition from Ecclesiastes has been proven now that Jackson has found the rifle he "cast upon the waters" so many years ago.