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Qe = the amount of metal adsorbed per gram of the adsorbent at equilibrium (mg kg-1)
The react length has reached 2.56 [Angstrom] upon the molecule adsorbed on the intrinsic SWCNTs, which is obviously larger than that of Ni-SWCNTs adsorption length (2.01 A).
Figure 4(a) shows that the charge transfer in the whole phosphorene system adsorbed with Li adatoms.
The hydrated sample was removed, ground in a mortar and evacuated at 260[degrees]C to remove physically adsorbed water from the surface.
This complete and total binding is impossible, as such quantities of fibronectin cannot adsorb onto the scaffolds.
After proper sorption time sorbent was removed with the net that it was hanged over the beaker for 5 min to provide the falling down of crude oil that was not adsorbed.
The capacities of silica aerogel to adsorb solvent from their aqueous solution in different volume concentrations ([C.sub.Solvent]) were recorded in Figure 9.
The structures of adsorbed PSS are proposed on the basics of adsorption isotherm and effect of surface charge.
The SEM microgram of UBTL shows in Figure 2 is a heterogeneous surface indicating the possibility to adsorb Rh-B on different parts of UBTL surface.
Where x/m is the concentration of paraquat adsorbed to the soil ([micro]g/g), [C.sub.eq] the equilibrium concentration of paraquat in solution ([micro]g/mL), and log [k.sub.f] (intercept) and 1/n (slope) the adsorption parameters calculated from the liner regression.
SPILL-X products quickly adsorb chemicals, reducing the amount of exposure to people and the environment.
It is possible hat late migration of solvent droplets to the surface could give craters, but it is more likely that the further dispersing action caused the contaminant responsible for the craters to adsorb on the pigment, which probably improved the dispersion and prevented the contaminant from coming to the surface.