adulteration of food

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adulteration of food:

see food adulterationfood adulteration,
act of intentionally debasing the quality of food offered for sale either by the admixture or substitution of inferior substances or by the removal of some valuable ingredient.
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Besides the obvious fiscal frauds, the addition of gasoline adulterants results in a reduction of engine lifetime and more generally in an increased environmental impact [3].
Despite the use of levamisole as a cocaine adulterant to obtain the effects described above, detection of the substance for diagnostic purposes, it's not cost effective, since levamisole has a very short half-life (only 5.
Common food items, the adulterants found in them, and the consequences of consuming such adulterated food are as follows:
Their solution is to mix other cheap adulterants and try to pass it off as a pure ecstasy pill.
3) Type Substances Added Intentional Sand, marble chips, stones, mud, other Adulterants fifth, Talc, Chalk powder, Water, mineral oil and harmful colour.
coli 0157:H7 an adulterant in ground beef, thus providing the agency with the authority needed to enforce a mandatory recall.
The use of diamond cell ATR-FTIR spectroscopy for the quantification of pure refined olive oil (PROO) adulterant in EVOO has been the approach in this study.
According to ASTM D 1298 /IP 160, Blending or mixing of adulterants into the base petroleum products exists in various forms and both the type and quality of adulterants vary from place to place.
Also, postprocessing the ATR-FTIR data by subtracting the undoped spectra from the doped spectra (example not shown) can give a clearer indication of the presence of the adulterant.
Because of this, OSCS was not detected as an adulterant in standard quality assays or by additional analytical tests used by Baxter.
The raids were a fallout of the information that Parle Biscuits at Kirkhinde in Raigadh district was using buffered lactic acid, an adulterant, in the manufacture of the confectionery.
Under article 28 of Dinka customary law, the adulterant will have the children borne of the illegal wedlock removed, to be raised by their mother's rightful husband.