adulteration of food

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adulteration of food:

see food adulterationfood adulteration,
act of intentionally debasing the quality of food offered for sale either by the admixture or substitution of inferior substances or by the removal of some valuable ingredient.
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Their solution is to mix other cheap adulterants and try to pass it off as a pure ecstasy pill.
coli 0157:H7 an adulterant in ground beef, thus providing the agency with the authority needed to enforce a mandatory recall.
According to ASTM D 1298 /IP 160, Blending or mixing of adulterants into the base petroleum products exists in various forms and both the type and quality of adulterants vary from place to place.
15]N), this approach offers a rapid and reliable technique for detection of potential adulterants in organic fertilizers (Peterson and Fry 1987).
While full results will be available later this year, tests from the last year and a half from over 4,600 samples from around the country have found that a full 1% are tainted with non-O157 adulterants.
coli strain capable of producing the toxin that causes injury or death in humans, including O145, should be declared an adulterant and regulated by federal and state agencies charged with protecting our nation's food supply," said food safety attorney Fred Pritzker.
The seven men and two women were all charged with conspiracy to supply high grade adulterant to be used with class A and B drugs after being arrested in January this year.
coli O145, as the strain is not yet considered an adulterant by the health authorities.
A recently discovered adulterant of chondroitin sulfate--which Synutra International, Rockville, MD, called Zero One (Z1)--has been identified as sodium hexametaphosphate by a team of industry experts the company convened.
Seven men and two women have now been charged with conspiracy to supply high grade adulterant to be used with Class A and B drugs.
coli O157:H7 has been considered an adulterant in food since 1994 by USDA/FSIS, but non-O157 strains, which can be just as devastating, are not," says food safety lawyer, William Marler, managing partner of the Seattle-based Marler Clark law firm.
This oil was then made into amphetamine paste, which was used as an adulterant and distributed across the North-West and as far afield as Scotland.