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(äls), Ger. Alsen, island, 121 sq mi (313 sq km), Sønderjylland co., S Denmark, in the Lille Bælt, separated from the mainland by the narrow Alensund. Sønderborg (partly situated on the mainland) is the main city; other towns include Augustenborg and Nordborg. Farming (particularly of apples and grain), fishing, dairying, and manufacturing (especially of motor vehicle parts) are the main occupations. Danfoss, a company that produces heating and refrigerating plants is there. Its beautiful beaches make the island a popular tourist attraction. It was held by Germany from 1864 to 1920.


Abbr. for “American Lumber Standards.”
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Trinity provides the highest level of Advanced Life Support, Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Services to the community and also assists in the education of local fire departments, schools, and general public on health and safety issues.
Launching the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) certification program at GVK EMRI centre in Hyderabad, Dr G.
He noted that the training was designed to strengthen the capacity of the doctors and maternity care providers and enable them update their knowledge and skills on the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) so as to curb maternal morality in the country.
The mayor gave Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago a March 31 deadline to make specific recommendations on how many more ambulances Chicago needs in addition to its existing fleet of 75 advanced life support ambulances and where those new ambulances should be located.
Tenders are invited for Provide advanced life support (als) study services.
Ambulance staff took over treatment upon their arrival and commenced advanced life support but sadly it became apparent that nothing could be done to save her and she was confirmed dead at the scene.
Produced by the British Advanced Life Support Group and Resuscitation Council, the guide looks at training people to train medical clinicians.
ACLS provides advanced cardiac life support, basic cardiac life support, and pediatric advanced life support training via online courses written by licensed physicians who are experts in clinical interventions and protocols provided by the American Heart Association.
Ambulance paramedics are trained to use advanced life support techniques and can administer a wide range of drugs for medical and trauma conditions.
Day-to-day you would need to make quick decisions about moving a patient, using advanced life support techniques, such as defibrillation electric shocks) to resuscitate patients, carrying out surgical procedures, such as
Patients who experience a heart attack outside of the hospital are more likely to survive and have better neurologic function when they receive basic rather than advanced life support in the ambulance on their way to the hospital, according to a recent study.

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