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The advanced skills teacher concept was absorbed back into the traditional notion of career ladders based on movement out of professional practice into management hierarchies.
He says: "Since I started in 1999 I have gone on to become an Advanced Skills Teacher which means I am considered an expert in my area - literacy.
And advanced skills teacher in English, Emma Beaumont said: "Students are gaining confidence, talking about their enjoyment of reading and sharing their learning with staff and their peers.
Natalie Deane, Kirklees advanced skills teacher for art and design, said: "It has been so lovely to see families working together to learn new skills and have fun in the arts.
Organiser advanced skills teacher Catherine Hallam said: "We wanted to provide girls with female role models.
Stephen Moore, an advanced skills teacher, said it was also improving behaviour.
Senior, a UK advanced skills teacher, presents the second edition of her guide for teaching students and professionals on strategies for encouraging K-12 students to read.
Kaye Moss, 43, was an advanced skills teacher from Cam, also in Gloucestershire.
Teachers will also be regraded, with the creation of the post of advanced skills teacher.
An additional Teacher Step 9 and Advanced Skills Teacher pay increase of $500 per annum.

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