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Human vascular adventitial fibroblasts contain mesenchymal stem/ progenitor cells.
The Mercator Bullfrog Micro-Infusion Device is a US FDA 510(k)-cleared and CE-Marked system that infuses therapeutic and diagnostic agents directly, non-systemically, and safely through blood vessel walls into adventitial tissues.
This theory was replicated by another study which showed that there was no significant difference in the improvement of macular function between the vitrectomy with or without arteriovenous adventitial sheathotomy group [183].
Postoperative MRI revealed 5 square mm of high intensity adventitial area that is suspected as the remanence of the cystic lesion (Figure 7).
Estrogen attenuates integrin-[[beta].sub.3]-dependent adventitial fibroblast migration after inhibition of osteopontin production in vascular smooth muscle cells.
Cystic adventitial disease appears as a hypoechoic, multi-lobulated lesion arising from the arterial wall on CT.
Seals, "Arterial stiffening with ageing is associated with transforming growth factor-[beta]-related changes in adventitial collagen: reversal by aerobic exercise," The Journal of Physiology, vol.
The serous layer (adventitial) was composed by not modeled connective tissue which was lining externally the organ (Fig.
In the quantitative assessment of the compositions of coronary plaque for a diagnosis of ACS, firstly the luminal boundary (LB) and the adventitial boundary (AB) of the coronary plaque are to be detected and evaluated precisely.
Vascular endothelial growth factor-induced osteopontin expression mediates vascular inflammation and neointima formation via Flt-1 in adventitial fibroblasts.