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a risky, dubious undertaking (often with mercenary, dishonorable goals) that depends on chance for success; an action taken without regard for the realistic possibilities and, in the overwhelming majority of cases, doomed to failure.

The reactionary circles of the monopolistic bourgeoisie often rely on adventurism in their policies. An example of adventurism on a great scale that ended in failure was the policy of Hitlerism, which reigned in Germany in the years 1933–45. In international Communist and workers’ movements political adventurism—Trotskyism, “leftist” sectarian movements, and so on—damage the unity of revolutionary forces and weaken them in the struggle with imperialism.

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We turned our backs upon the river, and for weeks and months adventured in that wilderness where there were no Folk.
And here he was, in the midst of all this, the only one of all the comrades he had adventured with who could have made themselves eligible for the inside of the Morse home.
He stared at it in amaze, his brain a racing wild-fire of hypotheses to account for this far-journeyer who had adventured the night of space, threaded the stars, and now rose before him and above him, exhumed by patient anthropophagi, pitted and lacquered by its fiery bath in two atmospheres.

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