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a risky, dubious undertaking (often with mercenary, dishonorable goals) that depends on chance for success; an action taken without regard for the realistic possibilities and, in the overwhelming majority of cases, doomed to failure.

The reactionary circles of the monopolistic bourgeoisie often rely on adventurism in their policies. An example of adventurism on a great scale that ended in failure was the policy of Hitlerism, which reigned in Germany in the years 1933–45. In international Communist and workers’ movements political adventurism—Trotskyism, “leftist” sectarian movements, and so on—damage the unity of revolutionary forces and weaken them in the struggle with imperialism.

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Fortunately, while The Beardless Adventurer and Her Inconvenience offers a solid argument for modern-day adventurers to align themselves with a professional publisher capable of reproducing halfdecent maps - most self-publishers' maps are either too small (as is the case here) or indecipherable - the end result is hugely enjoyable.
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The undulating Explorer route runs alongside the iconic Avenue and is ideal for walkers and younger family members as they complete a lap of the park, whereas the Adventurer course goes through Snipes Dene and, under starry skies on a clear night, giving runners a chance to see Gibside in a different light.
ADVENTURER Bear Grylls has admitted it was a "privilege" to work with Barack Obama on their Alaskan adventure.
PROFESSIONAL adventurer Debra Searle, who organised an expedition to the Arctic Circle last month for a group of women from LeasePlan UK, will be speaking at The Challenge Summit in Cardiff this November.
AN EXPLORER from Old Colwyn who has been nominated for the Adventurer of the Year Award is bringing his epic story to Galeri Caernarfon on March 20.
Bio: Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality.
Divided into sections based on the arena of the adventurer, A World of Her Own goes up into the mountains, deep into the earth's waters, across great distances and deep out into the wild, bringing stories of perseverance, dedication, passion and great accomplishments to light.
Summary: 40,000 people have applied for the "best jobs in the world" in Australia, six jobs are on offer including Outback Adventurer and Chief Funster.
And prove something he just did, with the release of the 17-track "Soul Adventurer," which is being counted as the band's sophomore album.

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