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What does it mean when you dream about an advertisement?

Seeing or hearing an advertisement in a dream could mean that one’s unconscious mind is attempting to communicate with the conscious mind. Alternatively, perhaps one wishes either to attract the attention of others or to communicate something about oneself to others.

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There being no competition where there was a trust, there was no need for the trusts to advertise.
What will he think when he hears I've written a story to advertise Rollings Reliable?
The seller who advertises its price always has an incentive to undercut the other advertisers' prices in order to take the whole market.
"Virtually every business that sells a product or service advertises, if only in the sense of making representations to potential customers.
Vendors often agree to compensate resellers if the reseller advertises the vendors' products.
Note that in this case the willingness to pay for the competitor's product is always affected when a firm advertises. Although when t(x, [Theta]) is linear in x the slopes of the willingness-to-pay functions are not affected by advertising, in the more general case they may be.
The village zoning code states that "any sign which no longer advertises an existing business, shall be moved by the owner of the premises upon which such sign is located."