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The total breaks down to 17 PM10 advisories, two PM10 warnings and 23 PM2.5 advisories.
The Philippines has been the subject of several travel advisories following the clash between government troops and Abu Sayyaf in Bohol.
While the authors indicated that feminization is one of the reasons why advisories fail, our study found that advisory itself did not fail, but rather separating boys and girls was not as successful when female teachers ran boy advisories.
More than 500 documents related to implementing water advisories including protocols, regulations, and other resources were reviewed and nearly 100 interviews were conducted with representatives from water systems, primacy agencies, and local public health departments in the United States and Canada by the technical work group.
The majority of those surveyed--73 percent--indicated that they routinely ate fish caught from the bay, including bass and white croaker (kingfish), both currently on bay fish consumption advisories due to contamination.
Previously, FDA has issued advisories on commercially caught fish while EPA has handled issues related to recreationally caught fish.
Travel advisories make it difficult to promote tourism, but Tourism Secretary Wanda Corazon Teo remains optimistic as she stresses that the government will intensify its campaign of 'selling' the Philippines as a major tourist destination.
EPA confirms steady decline in dioxin advisories downstream of pulp and paper mills.
FDA and EPA issued related public advisories against certain people eating fish that can contain high concentrations of methylmercury.