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adytum, adyton

adytum: plan of a Roman temple, showing the adytum at A
1. The inner shrine of a temple reserved for the priests.
2. The most sacred part of a place of worship.
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Ahmed Al Raeesi, founder and CEO of Adyton One, said: "People are starting to educate themselves on what is healthy for them.
Al Raeesi hinted that Adyton One would soon launch a product in the market.
As part of the SME Zone, attendees will also have the chance to hear ICT SME success stories and glean insights from a range of carefully selected experts at the International Lounge, including Christian Illmer, senior director Application & Solution Enterprise, ADVA Optical Networking (Germany); Klaus Mochalski, CEO, Adyton Systems (Germany); Jung Ji Bum, Team Leader (Next Generation Industry Team), NIPA(Korea's National IT Industry Promotion Agency); Mohammad Chakib, general manager of DATAPLUS and President of APEBI's export committee (Morocco); and Thulani Mpetsheni , Director -- Electrotechnical Sector, The Department of Trade & Industry (South Africa).
Adyton Systems has announced a new partnership with Symantec, that will strengthen the capabilities of its Network Protector firewall.
The excavator argues that the adyton of the Level I solar shrine was built over this locus in order to retain continuity of sacred space.
German technology company Adyton Systems and value-added distributor Teknokare Ltd.
In a detailed study of the temple in Slim (DaM 5: 9-38) Freyberger surveys the three different kinds of adytons that existed in Roman Syria and shows that they were already extant in later Hellenistic-Early Augustine times.