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adytum, adyton

adytum: plan of a Roman temple, showing the adytum at A
1. The inner shrine of a temple reserved for the priests.
2. The most sacred part of a place of worship.
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At times, he conceives of his own experience as a reader and translator of Homer in almost Eleusinian terms: a select group of readers--perhaps so select as to include only Chapman himself--are chosen, purified through ritual, and finally allowed to enter the innermost sanctum of Homeric epic, an adytum that both contains and symbolizes the secret, and secretly ironic, barbs of the Homeric narrator.
Before Ionides's death, Perseus entrusted Arieka with an heraldic key giving access to the forbidden double doors at the back of the oracular adytum (p.
The stone, the leaf, the door simply lead back into the sanctuary, the snaky adytum (268), of himself.
While sleeping in the adytum (the room specially designed for the "incubation" of dreams), the patient would receive from the god a recipe for a cure.
It is more hidden than the caves of the gnome; the sacred adytum of the oracle; the hidden chamber of Eleusian mystery, for to it only Omniscience is permitted to enter" (p.