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ancient Roman officials. The aediles plebeii, established in 494 B.C., were two assistants to the people’s tribunes. The two aediles cumies, introduced in 367 (or 366) B.C., were elected by the comitia tributa for one year.

The aediles conducted the distribution of bread to the citizens; supervised the water supply, the operation of the markets, the cleanliness of the city, and the building and maintenance of the temples; and organized games at their own expense. The two aediles ceriales were introduced by Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. to distribute bread; they were also responsible for conducting public games in the circus.

By the fourth century A.D., the office of aedile had ceased to exist.

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both aediles took care of the ludi and shared equal responsibility for organizing them" (Linderski, 1972: 189)--, por cuanto la poblacion romana solo agradecio a este ultimo (D.C., 37, 8; y Svet., Ivl., 1, 10, 1) (12); lo cual permite suponer que aquellos habian efectuado dichos esfuerzos con la finalidad de obtener fama, pero Bibulo fracaso al haber sido concedido el merito solamente a su colega (D.C., 37, 8, y Svet., Ivl., 1, 10, 1).
Often enough it is what is familiar that we fail to understand or appreciate, and I must admit failing to recognize fully the character and importance of the Roman imagines or wax masks representing `past family members who had held at least the office of aedile' (59) until I read [sup.b.Ancestor] Masks and Aristocratic Power in Roman Culture,(19) a study of these objects 'as "status symbols" which embodied honour and evoked shame in a traditional aristocratic setting' (15).
16:23 with the aedile Erastus, donor of a pavement in a well-known inscription from Corinth.
The legal ban on alea which was part of the supervisory duties of the junior magistrates called aediles was relaxed during the great festivals, especially the Saturnalia in December.(38) Martial evokes the atmosphere: "Now the schoolboy puts away his walnuts and is ordered back by his bullying teacher, and the gambler, badly let down by the harmless-seeming dice-pot, is chucked out of the obscurity of the tavern, drunkenly begging the aedile for a few more hours.
In his definition of fatherland, Voltaire complained that "he who bums with ambition to become aedile, tribune, praetor, consul, dictator, cries out that he loves his country and he loves only himself." Yeats returned to the subject in "The Second Coming": "The best lack all conviction, while the worst/ Are full of passionate intensity." What is this lack of conviction?
After his return to Rome, he was elected quaestor (76) and aedile (70).
This presumably means the traditional offices of quaestor, aedile and duumvir (20), though we have no record of any individual holding these offices in Hispania after the third century.
The scholiast was certainly unaware of other intricacies of Roman society, including nomenclature; thus in the scholia to the didascalia of the Hecyra he confuses a curule aedile named Sextus Iulius Caesar with the much more famous and distantly related dictator Gaius Iulius Caesar (born sixty-five years after the first performance of this play).
already served as a military tribune, a quaestor and an aedile, before
Cicero wants to be aedile and finally a consul but he must be elected to these posts, and he has no money of his own and few influential friends.
They both create caricatures: Zimmerman cites the portraits of petty officials in Apuleius' Pythias (1.24) and Persius' officious aedile who breaks substandard pints (1.129-30).
One might argue that Favonius was aedile in 53 and praetor in 51, and that the election he lost in 51 concerned a public priesthood.