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ancient Roman officials. The aediles plebeii, established in 494 B.C., were two assistants to the people’s tribunes. The two aediles cumies, introduced in 367 (or 366) B.C., were elected by the comitia tributa for one year.

The aediles conducted the distribution of bread to the citizens; supervised the water supply, the operation of the markets, the cleanliness of the city, and the building and maintenance of the temples; and organized games at their own expense. The two aediles ceriales were introduced by Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. to distribute bread; they were also responsible for conducting public games in the circus.

By the fourth century A.D., the office of aedile had ceased to exist.

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presents Lucius' former schoolmate as an unequivocally positive figure, since instead of getting involved with magic, he succeeded in making a career as an aedile in Hypata (
Vespasian failed to secure the aedileship at his first attempt, which is most plausibly dated in AD 36, but succeeded the following year and was aedile in AD 38.
Dated 17 May 271 it says that Lucius Vibius Severus was the first person to manage hunting competitions and solemn games in honour of the goddess Pelina on the occasion of the promotion of his son Lucius Vibi Rutili to the office of aedile (Mommsen 1878 IX: 3314).
already served as a military tribune, a quaestor and an aedile, before
They took over the control of weights and weighing at the marketplaces by placing aediles there equipped with master weights and measures.
2) that the voters already expected lavish entertainments given by aediles in the early 90s.
curule aediles allowed the victim of nonconforming performance to choose
The edicts of senior magistrates, the praetors, and later also those of the aediles, the Edicta Magistratum created the jus honorarium, which swept away much of the rigidity of early Roman laws and, during the later Republic, introduced some form of equity.
Lesser ordinary magistrates were urban quaestors, aerarii, (69) plebian aediles, curulial aediles, (70) administers, (71) leaders of the different tribes, triumvirs, quatuorvirs, quinquevirs, decemvirs, (72) and the like.