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In addition to the traditional methods of intelligence collection, such as patrolling, observation, prisoner interrogation, and document translation, Nolan added aerial observation, photographic interpretation, sound and flash ranging, and radio intelligence.
html) Operation IceBridge , aerial observation of Arctic sea ice conducted by NASA via plane.
Ciraolo, the Supreme Court held that "[t]he Fourth Amendment was not violated by the naked-eye aerial observation of respondent's backyard.
Groen's's multi-sized autorotative flight technologies can be used for varying applications, such as light aerial observation for law enforcement and border patrol, air-taxi and tour guide vehicles, and commuter airliners.
Since Hizbullah has no oil wells to which it can set fire in an effort to cover the sky with black pall of smoke, thereby neutralizing the Israeli UAVs and aerial observation posts, it is reasonable to assume that Hizbullah is planning to emulate that which was done in Kosovo: namely to burn other smoke-creating substances to produce the same effect.
Contract award notice: supply of portable transmitters and receivers for mobile and stationary signal from aerial observation systems.
Under a 1992 treaty allowing signatories to conduct aerial observation on each other's territory to promote transparency in military affairs, Russia had been scheduled to conduct its latest flight over Turkey between Feb.
It is noteworthy that the UAE will use aerial observation applications and technology via satellites in the development of its Mars Mission project, where the "Hope Probe" will be the first probe of its kind to study climate on Mars on an ongoing basis, and therefore will serve as the first real Martian aerial observatory.
CAP members fly nearly 100,000 hours per year performing disaster relief, counterdrug, search and rescue, fighter interceptor training, aerial observation, and cadet orientation flights.
Near the end of the book are a few stories from fellow pilots, including notable contributions from Philip Payne detailing his aerial observation of a nuclear detonation in the Nevada desert and Ray James describing a visual reconnaissance mission over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam.
There's no end to the aerial observation and the bombardment," said Abdel-Rahim Duhaik, a teacher in Talbiseh.
2 pounds, the hand-launched Raven provides aerial observation, day or night, at line-of-sight ranges up to approximately 6.