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"Our new head of aerodynamics, Ben Agathangelou, starts next week and in addition we will have two new aerodynamicists joining us within the next fortnight.
With Mark Handford, the chief aerodynamicist, and Steve Nichols, the technical director, also in place Russell & Co have achieved a different shape and style car which now boasts its own identity.
The importance of pleasing design could not be emphasized enough, especially for aerodynamicists who see beauty mainly in the aerodynamic perfection that underlies mere surface shape.
Aerodynamicists have pointed out the advantages of boundary layer control for many years.
"We had to get the design studio working with the aerodynamicists to perfect the shape from an appearance and performance perspective.
In the middle 1960s, Chrysler's aerodynamicists began using those hand-built models for wind-tunnel testing.
Cooper listened to duPont and then asked one of his best aerodynamicists, Robert Williams, to check him out.
But despite the progress, says the organiser of this conference, MIRA - the motor industry research association--ensuring a strong correlation between different development techniques must remain a focus for vehicle aerodynamicists. Increasingly the co-relationship between aerodynamics and other vehicle attributes, such as dynamics, refinement, braking or thermal management, will be of key importance, it says.
(The software was created to model submarine-launched missiles through all phases of flight.) "About five years ago, we wanted to get an in-house CFD capability, and were fortunate to find some PhD aerodynamicists that were developing CFD code and Linux clusters to efficiently run the CFD solvers," says Bishop.
According to the book Aerodynamics, written by Theodore von Karman, one of the greatest aerodynamicists of the 20th century, the world's first wind tunnel was built in 1871 by Francis Herbert Wenham (1824-1908).