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It works rather like a sideways waterwheel," said Theo Bird, director of Aerogenerator, which has been developing a small, first-stage prototype at Blyth since 2006.
We are pleased to report that the region's rich engineering heritage is very much alive and well in the renewables sector and this funding will help us to continue the development of Aerogenerator here in the North East.
The Guardian reports each 10MW Aerogenerator X turbine has the potential to generate enough electricity to provide 5,000-10,000 homes - the energy equivalent to 2 million barrels of oil over their 25-year lifetime.
Wind Power s Aerogenerator project was originally developed in 2005.
Because the aerogenerators are always out of sync, their output is a headache for the supply industry.
Additionally, aerogenerators cannot supply a constant base load, an essential for modern living.
Filling existing plots of land with charging from the excavation for the construction of new aerogenerators (as indicated in the authorization requirements) and eventual demolition of foundations where interfering with new achievements,
to show the technical and economic feasability of the installation of 500 kW aerogenerators, which are designed to provide an efficiency that is 20% greater than that of conventional generators for wind speeds that are below the nominal speed for the machine.
The transaction includes a contract by which Made will provide Endesa with aerogenerators for a power equivalent to 890 MW, acquiring in addition, a preferred right of sale for additional 300 MW.
The wind farms, located in Tarifa, will be comprised by 98 aerogenerators made by MADE, of the series 800 Kw.
MADE, a fully owned ENDESA subsidiary, will be the company in charge of building the aerogenerators that will be installed in the wind farms.