aerial photograph, aerophoto

A photograph taken from a vehicle in flight.
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On an area of 400 sq m, EUROSENSE EOOD has developed and implemented a completed and closed technological cycle of processing of analog and digital aerophoto images.
EUROSENSE EOOD has an innovative business, which involves the use of high technologies and solutions for acquisition of data from aerophoto and satellite images.
During the period 2005-2006, EUROSENSE EOOD executed in an extremely short time aerophoto flights of the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria (total area of 110 732 sq km) and developed the first digital color orthophoto map of the territory of the country for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food under a project to develop a Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS).
First we checked all potential habitat polygons from aerophotos (from the Estonian Land Board Geoportal) and excluded those clear-cut or with obviously intensive management.
"Monkey" Morgan who started his "aerophotos" business after the war.