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Regarding the effect of humidification on aerosol delivery, previous research reported a decrease up to 50% in aerosol deposition with the use of heated and humidified ventilator circuits.
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Aerosol deposition in commonly used ventilation system in commercial or public buildings has been tested mainly in straight pipe/duct flows, considering resuspension dynamics or the whole system performance [30-32].
[80] produced highly uniform porous thin films using an aerosol deposition method.
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To investigate the global implications of atmospheric copper deposition, the researchers gathered data from various sources on copper concentrations in aerosols, global distributions of aerosols, and aerosol deposition rates.
Studies have shown that a tight seal provided by a face mask is crucial for optimal aerosol deposition to the lungs.
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It may seem practically axiomatic that aerosol deposition in the lung is reduced due to aerosol deposition in the artificial tracheal airway.
Also an increase in peripheral pulmonary aerosol deposition was reported in another group of patients with stable CF when a jet nebulizer was used along with positive expiratory pressure (PEP) [47].