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Nagamatsu Laboratory of Aerothermodynamics and Hypersonics at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IEAv), Brazil, began to research and develop a hypersonic waverider with airframe-integrated scramjet engine as an option to space access in the near future [3,4], as shown in Figure 1.
Nagamatsu Laboratory of Aerothermodynamics and Hypersonics primarily as a research and development (R&D) facility for basic investigations on supersonic combustion applied to high-speed advanced airbreathing propulsion.
et al., "New hypersonic shock tunnel at the laboratory of aerothermodynamics and hypersonics Prof.
The aerothermodynamic effect induced by multiple injections is thus still not understood systematically.
He has been responsible for the aerodynamic development, design and analysis of centrifugal compressors and has held supervisory and management positions in Development Engineering, Aerothermodynamic DeSign and Aero-Performance Engineering.
Workshop III: Gas Turbine Aerothermodynamics & Performance Modeling