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cosmetic surgery,

plastic surgeryplastic surgery,
surgical repair of congenital or acquired deformities and the restoration of contour to improve the appearance and function of tissue defects. Development of this specialized branch of surgery received impetus from the need to repair gross deformities sustained
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 for cosmetic purposes, such as the improvement of the appearance of the face by removing wrinkles or reshaping the nose.
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PRAS internship (+) student referral rates for plastic surgery in medical conditions associated with aesthetic surgery were very high (Table-1).
As I'm planning to bring state-of-the-art technology and equipment to the field of aesthetic surgery and therapeutic methodology, I'm not rushing things.
The Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) also reported that the ban is being put in place to "prevent aesthetic surgery from becoming contagious among actors and actresses.
The participants will discuss issues related to reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, use of new technologies in dermato-cosmetology,
Given the fact that Spain has spent much of the past year in the headlines over the state of its economy, it is perhaps of little surprise that aesthetic surgery saw sales fall in 2011.
BEIRUT: The Lebanese Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (LSPRAS) called on the Health Ministry Wednesday to follow the French example and ban aesthetic lipolysis techniques which have been offered as non-surgical alternatives to liposuction and pose grave health risks.
Prof Toledo, who commands more than 30 years of world-wide experience in aesthetic surgery, will be available to meet with ladies during The Bride Show taking place at Dubai Ladies Club on October 30 from 11 am -- 9 pm.
An international group of plastic and other surgeons addresses fundamentals, upper and lower facial lacerations, acute ear trauma, acute burns, frostbite, pressure sores, and scars; reconstructive surgery for the skin, head and neck, breast and trunk, and upper and lower extremities; and aesthetic surgery for the skin, scalp, brow and periorbital area, face, nose, breast, weight loss, and body contouring.
As breast aesthetic surgery becomes more common, past stereotypes and stigmas are changing.
Prestige aesthetic surgery clinic served by a team of American Board of Plastic Surgery doctors, anesthesiologists and nurses.
UNMC Physicians--Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery | Dreams MedSpa OMAHA, NE
Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, which showed there were 34,100 aesthetic surgery procedures in the UK last year, up 300 per cent since records began in 2003.