aetoma, aetos

A pediment, or the tympanum of a pediment.
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1 4 PF M Ac Syntomacris sp.2 12 PF R Co Syntomacris sp.3 10 PF M Ace Syntomacris sp.4 1 PF M Ac Syntomacris virgata 1 PF M Ac Tetrataenia surinama 4 PF M Ac Viierna aeneoocuiata 49 PF CO Co Xenismacris aetoma 2 PF M Ac Pyrgom Omura congrua 8 PF M Ac Romaie Adroiampis sp.
Apart from the Parthenon geometry normal mapping, we tried to experiment on adding the sculptures of the "aetoma" (the front part of the roof) using the same technique.