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1. similarity in structure, form, etc., between different animals, plants, or languages
2. Chem
a. the tendency for two substances to combine; chemical attraction
b. a measure of the tendency of a chemical reaction to take place expressed in terms of the free energy change.
3. Biology a measure of the degree of interaction between two molecules, such as an antigen and antibody or a hormone and its receptor
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Astrologers use the term affinity to refer to compatibility between certain planets or signs. It is also used to denote attraction between people whose charts interact harmoniously and magnetically with each other.

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The extent to which a substance or functional group can enter into a chemical reaction with a given agent. Also known as chemical affinity.
(computer science)
A specific relationship between data processing elements that requires one to be used with the other, where a choice might otherwise exist.
The strength of the attractive forces between an antigen and an antibody.
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The six main insurers that underwrite policies for affinities are additionally analyzed in relation to what their product strengths are, who they underwrite for, and what they offer as a partner.
THE STORY: Software based on the burgeoning field of social teleodynamics--think online matchmaking taken to its extreme, in every aspect of life--can slot test takers into one of 22 Affinities (40 percent of the public don't qualify for any Affinity).
Scottish Power - in association with Football Affinities Club - will supply RedEnergy exclusively to Aberdeen supporters, who will be able to enjoy savings and also to cap their energy bills until December 31 2005.
The Football Affinities Club uses its buying power to offer substantial savings for football fans on such items as gas, electricity, telecoms, insurance and legal products.
These metabolites have very high binding affinities to transthyretin, the protein that transports thyroid hormones across the blood-brain barrier to the developing brain; in fact, they can have up to 12 times the binding affinity of thyroxine, the ligand that normally binds to this protein.
The more strictly geometrical and formal innovations of earlier wo rks like Dead Chestnut, 1927, which even seems to share affinities with Cubism, serve to richly and accurately depict these stark landscapes.
Experiments show that a starting antibody undergoes anywhere from two to 20 mutations in the form of substitutions among its constituent amino acids, and that the antibodies' affinities for the antigen increase by a factor of 10 or so before the affinity peaks.