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An affliction is (1) any difficult aspect, such as a square, or (2) a more neutral aspect, such as a conjunction, in which at least one of the planets is a “difficult” planet, such as Saturn. A planet involved in more than one such aspect, especially if there are no benefic aspects counterbalancing the hard aspects, is said to be heavily afflicted.

The term affliction has tended to drop out of usage among contemporary astrologers, although the revival of classical and horary astrology has also revived traditional terms. Astrologers are more likely to refer to such aspects as inharmonious, challenging, or difficult. More is involved in this change of terminology than the goal of making the language less dramatic: Some difficult aspects are necessary to bring challenges into one’s life, and the modern terminology more accurately denotes challenge. People without at least a few such aspects in their natal charts usually lack character and rarely accomplish much in life.


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Sio, along with her colleague Fourth District Board Member Rhodora Tan sought the support and advice of various resource persons to come up with an effective and efficient mental-health program for persons afflicted with mental-health problems and their reintegration to their families and communities.
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