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Establishment of a new forest by seeding or planting on nonforested land.



the cultivation of forests in areas that previously did not have them, by sowing seeds or planting young seedlings or saplings. The selection of afforestation methods is determined by economic considerations and by soil and climatic conditions. Different methods of sowing, such as broadcasting and drill seeding, are used. Planting stock grown from seeds and obtained from cuttings is used in afforestation.

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This component will provide physical investments to halt and prevent new pollution, clean up legacy pollution, improve water quality, restore water eco-systems, and plant or afforest some areas surrounding the lakes and river channels in the area of Khojasan and Lokbatan.
Description : The project is to afforest 14,100 ha of Cunninghamia Lanceolata, 5,800 ha of conifer and 400 ha of fructus gardeniae in yhe Poyang Lake basin of Jianxi province.
Description : The project is to afforest 4,800 ha of abandoned agricultural land and to rehabilitate 9,600 ha of degraded forest land so as to establish ecological barriers in the environmentally vulnerable catchment areas of the Yangtze and Pearl Rivers in Guizhou Province, China.
Description : The project is to afforest and rehabilitate 6,207 ha of degraded forests and abandoned marginal lands in Hubei province in China.
Description : The project aims to afforest 7,700 ha of barren land with Sapindus and Chinese fir and to rehabilitate 2,300 ha of existing stands.
Description : The project is to afforest 31,125 ha of barren forest land and abandoned agricultural land, and rehabilitate 245 ha of burned and degraded forest land.
Rehabilitate 500 ha of pastures and afforest 150 ha of eroded and non-productive lands;