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, Afghani
1. a native, citizen, or inhabitant of Afghanistan
2. another name for Pashto (the language)



the monetary unit of Afghanistan, introduced in 1926, replacing the Kabul rupee. The afghani is divided into 100 puls. On the exchange of the Gosbank (State Bank) of the USSR, 100 afghanis were equal to 2 rubles, 1 kopek (April 1970).

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the Afghani people, noting the humanitarian efforts exerted by the society in
During the 1860s, Afghani was an agent of Russian interests in Afghanistan (which is why the Persian-born radical adopted his surname).
Both mosques were built at a cost of 36 million afghanis.
Each conflict-hit family received 50,000 afghanis and those seriously affected by floods were given 15,000afs each.
KUNDUZ CITY (PAN): The municipality of northern Kunduz province on Thursday announced a 30 million afghanis increase in its revenue during the current fiscal year, complaining of lack of public cooperation in implementing its policies.
50 afghanis, but moneychangers in Kabul put it 55 afghanis.
JALALABAD (PAN): A big amount of revenue amounting to 260 million afghanis has been generated in the past 11 months from the rich mines of the eastern Nangarhar province, an official said.
Chakwal -- The crackdown against the illegal Afghanis continued as Chakwal police arrested an Afghani and sent him to judicial lockup.
Most workers are poor men from remote villages who toil inside the mine shafts to earn 15,000 Afghanis a month.
According to DRI, all 10 Afghanis have been booked under Section 110 of the Customs Act, 1962 and Section 104 of the act.
ERZyNCAN (CyHAN)- Endless war, economic difficulties, destitution, poor living standards have forcing many Afghanis to leave their countries.
The Bulgarian soldiers gave sacrificial animals and large quantities of drinking water to local Afghanis from six settlements in the area on the eve of the great Muslim holy month of Ramadan in recognition of the traditions, religion and ancient culture of Afghanis.

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