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see National Organization for WomenNational Organization for Women
(NOW), group founded (1966) to support "full equality for women in America in a truly equal partnership with men." Its founder and first president was feminist leader Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique (1963).
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An expression used by ATC (air traffic control) when immediate compliance with an instruction is required to avoid an imminent situation.


feminist group working for social and political change. [Am. Hist.: NCE, 1886]
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It's incredible being able to run again, kicking the ball again and smiling again.
Play Again offers our athletic patients a supplement that has shown effectiveness in managing pain and supporting physical activity in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study.
Once again the festive season Once more bells are ringing People loving, giving, sharing Songs and carols singing.
Questions about these matters will come up again and again throughout Luke, though Luke works to establish the answers early on--here, and again at Jesus' baptism (chap.
When Ahmad (Ahmad Razvi) finishes, he drags the pushcart back to its warehouse, carries its propane tank back to his dingy Brooklyn apartment, catches a few winks and then goes through the whole grinding process again.
9) and for teenagers who said in Wave 2 that they recently had been born again (2.
see MUCKRAKERS) TASMANIAN DEVIL Devil of a Problem, $5-4 TECHNOLOGY Identity Theft, Mr6-8 iPod Nation, S19-6 Satellite Snooping (with graph), F6-5 TEENAGERS (see YOUTH) TERRORISM Afghanistan: Rebuilding After the Taliban, My8-10 London Terror, S19-4 Terror Strikes Again and Again, D12-7 TIME LINES Babylon: A Time Line, S19-T7 Civil Rights Time Line, N28-8 Cold War, My8-T6 Gaza 1946-2005, N14-10 Growing Up in Ancient Egypt, S5-12 Iraq: A Brief Time Line, F6-9 World War II, Ap24-14 TIME ZONES GeoSkills: What Time Is It?
Lie down again on your stomach, exhale, and again pull the forearms into a high cobra position.
Again and again, Bellow presents us with a main character, a seeking, dissatisfied intellectual who seems ill-prepared for a modern existence that is brutish and cruelly capitalistic.
And in 2004, she again accompanied Power to the parched, desert region of eastern Chad, where international relief agencies were running the Bahai tent camp as a home for (at the time) 18,000 struggling refugees from Darfur.
This mundane dystopia of The Dark Knight Strikes Again may echo our own entertainment-obsessed consumer culture, but Batman's revolution will seem unfamiliar--and uncomfortable--to most people involved in contemporary leftist politics.
After Downey dies there's another party, this time at his brother's house, where Snipes and Kinski go at it again, on the kitchen floor (or maybe she just fainted; it's not clear) to the pulsing beat of a Dixieland band.