age of reason

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Reason, Age of:

see EnlightenmentEnlightenment,
term applied to the mainstream of thought of 18th-century Europe and America. Background and Basic Tenets

The scientific and intellectual developments of the 17th cent.
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According to a Godolphin report, Age Of Reason broke well and raced a close second under Ted Durcan in the 12-furlong turf contest.
This is all graphically laid out in Roy Porter's vivid book,Flesh in the Age of Reason. Our concern with the division betw een mind and body and how one influences the other can be traced bac
Moreover, contemporary manifestations of the movement hardly seem to embody the ideals generally associated with the age of reason. Yet as the book unfolds, the reader is presented with a thoroughly convincing portrait of freemasonry as a unique embodiment of Enlightenment ideals: "the one movement of the century that embraced its progressive aspects, was quantitatively much larger in membership than the academies, and provided one of the few forums where philosophes and their followers met with men of commerce, government, and the professions" (222).
Channing has referred to it as a "great college of social students." Emerson apparently felt that to live in Brook Farm would merely mean exchanging one prison for another, and he held shrewdly that "in the arrangements at Brook Farm, as out of them, it is the person, not the communits, that avails." It was he who called Brook Farm "the Age of Reason in a patty-pan." Hawthorne made use of his experiences on the farm in his <IR> BLITHEDALE ROMANCE </IR> (1852).
Emerson viewed this experiment made by his fellow Transcendentalists with skepticism; he called Brook Farm "the Age of Reason in a patty - pan" Hawthorne, who came to West Roxbury in the hope of finding an economical way to live and write, soon found communal living unattractive.
Among his perspectives are progress, decline, and fall: historiography and the Middle Ages in the Age of Reason; golden ages and perfect presents: Romanticism, idealism, and the Middle Ages; the waning of progress: radical historiography into the 20th century; and the shock of the old: medieval history and the formation of the current academic environment.
Listed in the racecard as owned by Godolphin, but sporting the colours of Sheikh Mohammed's son Sheikh Hamdan, Sabotage reversed form with Age Of Reason, Titurel and Mojave Moon from the trial race three weeks ago.
He said the oil industry has passed through the golden age and the dark age to arrive at the age of reason - "a period of efficient refining companies operating at capacity levels consistent with the demand side of the equation which could create a good, but probably not spectacular, profit in the next couple of years."
For most cases, would a single smack across the legs not be simpler for a young child who has not fully reached the age of reason?
I think Bush would be better served by reading (or having read to him) "The Age of Reason" by Thomas Paine, one of the architects of the American Constitution who wrote: "The world is my country, all mankind my brethren and my religion is to do good." Muhammad Dar Woolaston Ave, Cardiff
In the age of reason, we do not decide according to our whims.
Surely in this age of reason and technology, it is possible for this to happen withoutneed for a satellite dish or phone link.