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With our new batching technology, you are placing your faith in science and technology rather than from a single moisture reading taken by a person from the bottom of a 120-ton aggregate bin.
batch belt; four-compartment, 220-ton aggregate bin with four-position turn head; twin, two-compartment 1,000-bbl.
Enterprise Precast's Texas ramp up extended to six months due to plant equipment lead times and foundation work that included a skip hoist and aggregate bin pit.
package: three-compartment aggregate bin and weigh belt feeding a 110-ft.
The overhead aggregate bin is charged with a Hagan 24-in.
Boles and his engineering team continued with product improvements, plus aggregate bin heating and automatic mixer washout system innovations.
Caption: Contractors install insulated ducting from air chiller unit to aggregate bin as part of the cold air circulation system.
for a twin-mixer batch plant, fed by 750-ton aggregate bin and the three 100-ton cement silos, along with a mix delivery system.
A low profile aggregate bin enables direct ramping for material loading.
Caption: Standley Batch Systems equipped the plant with four aggregate bins, served by bucket elevator, and five cement silos.
Users can work with combinations of aggregate bins and cement silos, dry plant or with mixer, and method of aggregate transfer-by conveyor, conveyor and holding hopper, or skip hoist.
The plant itself is housed in a precast concrete enclosure, while exterior aggregate bins are below ground.