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A program for watching for new content at user-specified RSS feeds.

An example is BottomFeeder.
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content aggregator

An organization that combines information such as news, sports scores, weather forecasts and reference materials from various sources and makes it available to its customers. See customer aggregator.

remote access concentrator

A remote access server that supports one or more T1/E1 lines, allowing multiple analog and ISDN calls to come in over one port from the telephone company. Remote access concentrators can handle much higher call densities than remote access servers. They include the dial-up protocols, access control and the equivalent of a modem pool. See remote access server, remote access router and IAD.
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MANAMA: Rules on insurance aggregators have been finalised in Bahrain paving the way for 'insurtech' businesses.
Abdul Rahman Al Baker The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has issued the final rules on "insurance aggregators".
Watkinson is certain that not every scholarly publishing aggregator has been quick to embrace digital-rich content.
The subsidiary companies of the technical payment aggregator were defined by the CBE as the sub-companies that have a valid legal entity.
22 (BNA): The Central Bank of Bahrain ("CBB") has issued the draft rules on "insurance aggregators".
The IC pointed out that the objective of the regulation is to supervise and monitor an aggregator as an insurance intermediary that maintains a web site for providing insurance prospects for price comparison and information of products of different insurers and other related matters.
--New Penn, a non-bank aggregator involved in Prime lending.
Will the high-end sectors of online cab aggregator and airline honchos learn a bit about humanity, values, ethics, principles, accountability and customer interest from the billions of poor unsung honest hard workers of this very society as represented by our respected lady setting her perspired foot on our office premises day in and day out without any complaint or exploitative attitude in her mind?
As in Western markets, aggregators are quickly becoming the preferred channel for Middle East consumers looking to buy insurance.
As news aggregators go, it's one of the most fully-featured and easiest to use.