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While the peace talks were active, left-wing agitprop refrained from using the fatal phrase "US-Duterte regime" which would put the current administration in the same category as previous governments.
A partir de estos planteamientos, la siguiente seccion muestra como las acciones colectivas desde abajo permiten a los colectivos Agitprop y Cog.
In Chapters 5 and 6, Filewod studies mid-century radicalism and the evolution of agitprop into the 1970s to show how radical theatrical culture evolved over these decades but retained a sense of those earlier leftist innovations.
In Union There is Strength, written by Irwin Swedlow and Fannia Cohn, is a very simplistic one-act agitprop work.
Thomas Hammons doesn't get much to sing, but he offered effective comic relief as Henry Kissinger (a latter-day Simon Legree in Madame Mao's agitprop production of Act II), while Marc Heller did what he could with the oddly secondary character of Mao, who drifts between historical re-imaginings and psychosocial fantasy.
Because of this, the agitprop and alienist techniques used by European playwrights morphed into a more naturalistic, emotional drama that tugged at the heart strings rather than encourage viewers to lift their fists in protest and revolution.
The agitprop protagonists became public martyrs and were subsequently immortalised as doughty fighters against an evil global corporation with worse PR than Darth Vader.
Bette Midler's bathhouse performances began a year after the Stonewall Riots (1969) but seem a world away from the street demonstrations and agitprop of Gay Liberation--at least from today's perspective.
He promised the "military option" against Iran would remain on the table, then veered off into boilerplate about "Islamofascism," the neoconservative agitprop word that suggests all Muslims are potential Hitlerites.
Usually this sort of nostalgic agitprop tends to fall flat in the company of most contemporary neophytes, mistaking in-your-face generalization for improvisational, local satire (the hallmark of Italian Comedy).
Still, the agitprop version of this week -- that Reagan opened his campaign with an appeal to racism -- is a distortion.
On his way into the heartland of political agitprop, the founder of the Tony Hawk Foundation appeared on the NPR's heavily philosophical program "All Things Considered.