agricultural drain

agricultural pipe drain

A system of porous or perforated pipes laid in a trench filled with gravel (or the like); used for draining subsoil.
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Physiological stress response in white suckers from agricultural drain waters containing pesticides and selenium.
The documents registered in the Land Titles Office required the owner of Part 1 on Plan 2R-3514 to maintain this agricultural drain.
Main features: work focuses on achieving: - earthwork in land up to create a new bed enhanced compared to baseline; - Profile of stabilization techniques along the hermance and diversification flows in free blocks and / or concreted; - from vegetable and mineral shoreline stabilization techniques; - Serious inputs washed in bed bottom; - landscaped shaped and sloping banks; - for repairs or repeatedly networks and structures affected by earthworks; - of hydraulic structures on agricultural drain culvert () and the hermance (ford crossing agricultural); - specific times of storm drainage system on the right bank at the castle park and upstream of the Pont Neuf; - paths and the development of street furniture; - plantations and grassing
cited by Black, 1980) determined that nearly 25% of the diet of adult redbelly tilapias from an agricultural drain at the Salton Sea consisted of unidentified fish and fish eggs.
The works include the provision of plant stems and tree clumps or persistent deciduous hardwoods, conifers, earthworks for opening of tree pit, topsoil mixture of implementation / compost made on site, the establishment of agricultural drain , planting proper plant and staking in the municipality of Saint-Maur-des-Fosses,
The work includes the provision of plant stems and tree clumps or persistent deciduous hardwoods, conifers, earthworks for open tree pit, the implementation of mixing topsoil / compost made on site, the establishment of agricultural drain, proper planting and staking plants in the municipality of Saint-Maur-des-Fosses.
Some of these saline agricultural drain waters with a specific conductance (a salinity parameter) ranging from 0.
Prior EPA funds supported the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe in constructing wetlands that prevent pollution from entering the Truckee River from nearby agricultural drains.
Three water samples are collected from monitoring locations on the agricultural drains flowing into the canal; before discharging water to El-Salam Canal; namely, Fraskour, Serw, and Hadus, Drains.
Across vast tracts of land in northern England, our members are re-wetting peat by blocking up thousands of kilometres of historic, ill-advised, agricultural drains, slowing and cleaning water, re-vegetating bare peat and reintroducing the king of bog plants, Sphagnum moss.
STRI's recommendation was to install NoticeTo_ Document: a new primary pipe drainage system on top of the existing agricultural drains and supplement this with a secondary slit drainage system, like those used in many sports fields.
In addition, desert pupfish have colonized numerous agricultural drains and artificial ponds, although it is unknown if such human-made habitats could exist for more than a few years without periodic maintenance (Moyle, 2002).
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