agrimonia eupatoria

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Yellow flowers on a stick. Prickly burrs that stick to clothes. Astringent. Leaf tea or cold infusion is used for jaundice and other liver ailments, colds, diarrhea, mouthwash, skin issues, ulcers, diuretic. Externally, a poultice or soak is used to treat athlete's foot, sores, slowhealing wounds, stop bleeding, and insect bites. Gargle with cold infusion or tea to relieve sore throats, inflamed gums, and laryngitis.
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Trifolium medium and Agrimonia eupatoria were often accompanied by C.
Carex ornithopoda 8 9 Cirsium acaule 16 9 Gymnadenia conopsea 8 8 Leontodon hispidus 40 11 Linum catharticum 24 5 Ononis arvensis 68 28 Ophioglossum vulgatum 16 22 Pimpinella saxifraga 80 31 Plantago media 44 12 Primula veris 84 15 Trifolium montanum 32 8 Class Trifolio-Geranietea Agrimonia eupatoria 52 4 Origanum vulgare 16 1 Solidago virgaurea 36 .