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A barrier in the form of a trench; usually used to prevent livestock from crossing; a sunken fence.
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"Now," thought the Sheriff, "could I but persuade Robin nigh to Nottingham Town so that I could find him, I warrant I would lay hands upon him so stoutly that he would never get away again." Then of a sudden it came to him like a flash that were he to proclaim a great shooting match and offer some grand prize, Robin Hood might be overpersuaded by his spirit to come to the butts; and it was this thought which caused him to cry "Aha!" and smite his palm upon his thigh.
"Aha! You dare be impudent," Mr Vladimir began, with an amazingly guttural intonation not only utterly un-English, but absolutely un- European, and startling even to Mr Verloc's experience of cosmopolitan slums.
"Aha! and is it Mistress Hester that has a word for old Roger Chillingworth?" answered he, raising himself from his stooping posture.
Wilson said to himself, "Aha!" and thought of the mysterious girl in the bedroom.
"Aha!" said the stranger, quickly, and cocking his eye at me.
"Aha, I have caught you," said Sancho; "this is what in my heart and soul I was longing to know.
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