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A barrier in the form of a trench; usually used to prevent livestock from crossing; a sunken fence.
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Aha Taxis, which is operational in over 4000 destinations across India, will utilize the funds in technology and further expansion in Bihar, Jharkhand and pilgrimage destinations in India.
Our customers have been excited to see us expand our high- performance FEC expertise to include the rest of the digital communications path, stated Jeff Hannon, AHA Product Group's General Manager and VP of Engineering.
AHA compression solutions are used by tier 1 storage, WAN Optimization, Big Data, banking, and high frequency trading companies world-wide.
Aha Radio also recently announced it will begin delivering targeted audio advertising to its users, thanks to a new partnership announced with AdsWizz.
By simply downloading a free smartphone application, Aha provides access to over 40,000 cloud-based audio and information presets such as internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, Facebook and Twitter feeds and various location-based services.
It's incredibly bizarre,'' said AHA spokeswoman Kathryn Jahnigen in Denver.
The AHA began its Food Certification Program in 1995 to help consumers make better food choices among the ever-widening array of options.
Harry Baisden tells the story that when he suffered his heart attack at the AHA meeting, he was immediately taken to the hospital and received excellent care--"the best"--because the staff took for granted he was a physician.
Sonik: The AHA Long-Term Care Section provides representation, advocacy and member services to providers of rehabilitation, long-term care and continuing care to better serve the health needs of patients and communities.
Throughout its history, education has always been the cornerstone of AHA activities.
Processed foods meeting AHA standards for low levels of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium will carry the association's seal of approval.
LAS VEGAS -- Aha by HARMAN(TM) continues to bring drivers the widest array of options to be entertained and informed safely on the road.