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(1) Among the Kirghiz and Altai peoples in the past, a nomadic or seminomadic settlement which usually included kinfolk of varying degrees of relationship. Among the Altai the term “ail” also referred to a separate dwelling (a yurt or a hut) with a farm.

(2) Among the Mongol peoples, a nomadic family group.

(3) In the Kirghiz SSR, a rural administrative territorial unit. Accordingly, village councils of the Kirghiz SSR are referred to as ail and village soviets of working people’s deputies.

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He said that doctors' role with regard to serving the ailing humanity is praiseworthy and added that improving the service- delivery as well as provision of best healthcare facilities to the general public in the nook and corner of the province is the collective responsibility.
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While some argue that the entire operation may prolong the suffering of certain ailing corporations unless the government sets a clear set of rules on who is to live and who is left to die, others say that the establishment of the IRC is at least an important step forward that will help boost buyout activities.
Like many of the African Americans who participated in a survey conducted by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies last year, are you thinking that education vouchers might be just the remedy to the nation's ailing public school system?
Daughters serving as the primary caregivers for an ailing parent show more cardiovascular stress than do wives caring for their ailing husbands, according to a study by researchers at the Stanford (Calif.) University School of Medicine.