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(1) (AOL Instant Messenger) America Online's instant messaging service, which supports text chat, photo sharing, online gaming and PC to PC voice. An AIM list of Instant Messenger contacts is called a "Buddy List." See instant messaging.

(2) (Application Integration Middleware) An umbrella term for middleware software that ties applications together. See application integration, middleware and PPMW.

(3) (Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility, Warrendale, PA, The trade association for the automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) industry. Established in 1982 as a product division of the Material Handling Institute (MHI), AIM is involved in setting standards for barcodes, magnetic stripes and RFID technology. See also AIIM.

(4) (Apple IBM Motorola) The alliance of Apple, IBM and Motorola that developed the PowerPC chip. See PowerPC and Apple-IBM alliance.
References in classic literature ?
His eyes roamed about aimlessly for a moment, then became still.
He started shouting aimlessly to the man he could feel near him in that fiendish blackness, "Is it you, sir?
Now, rather than aimlessly wandering the show floor or enduring cocktail receptions with endless chitchat with strangers, Rio participants can get "face time" with the right people.
We don't just lump the ball up the park aimlessly any longer.
Thus far the pictures prove your average moggy spends much of the day wandering around aimlessly staring at birds.
What damage are we doing to the environment anyway by having hundreds of planes a day flying aimlessly above the outskirts of London?
Not close enough to opposition players all over the pitch, trotting around aimlessly and giving the ball away cheaply all over the pitch as usual.
Informed on his wedding day that Sawako's suicide attempt has rendered her mad, he busts his true love out of the institution and ends up wandering aimlessly about Japan, tied to his befogged lady by a red cord.
The anchor was for him the traditions of his people, which give his life stability and meaning; without it he would drift aimlessly.
Aimlessly, as though guided by some external force, they wander around, stop and stand still, light up a cigarette, make faces in the camera-by chance, or deliberately?
She began following her teenage son on dates, talking to herself in public and driving around aimlessly in her car.
Images of blood-soaked children walking aimlessly on the street.