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air bladder,

in fish: see swim bladderswim bladder,
large, thin-walled sac in some fishes that may function in several ways, e.g., as a buoyant float, a sound producer and receptor, and a respiratory organ. The swim bladder, or air bladder, is located in the dorsal portion of the body cavity and is filled with gases.
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It is made of heavy-duty steel and weighs six pounds, 12 ounces, not including the air bladder frame or steel cable.
Forty-five percent showed signs of overinflated air bladders. Biologists kept a sample group, half with symptoms and half without, and watched them for several days to see how they fared.
The inventor has developed a working prototype of the Air Bladder Transmission Jack.
Beneath this strap, on both front and back sides, are the other four customized air bladders.
A hydraulically powered grapple (driven by vegetable oil, not hydraulic fluid) grabs the tree, and the sub screws a large air bladder to the trunk and inflates it.
"The air bladder in Nike shoes is their main iconic image and the next step would be to have the shock- absorbing cushion inserted in the calf with the logo tattooed onto the skin.
Comfortaire Inc., the airbed division of Park Place Corp., added the Healthy Choice Collection featuring a urethane air bladder that is only 3 inches thick, about half the conventional thickness, with a pump for adjusting hardness.
* Metal springs used to retract lugs are replaced by non-metallic springs for most applications, resulting in fewer components and eliminating the major cause of air bladder failure.
Like the other gar species, gator gar can thrive in oxygen-depleted waters because they have an "air bladder" that allows them to surface (commonly called rolling) and gulp air.
Variable amounts of air can be pumped into the air bladder to match the patient's comfort level or compression requirements.
The JS design requires no field assembly, although it takes a team of eight for deployment and striking (accomplished with a low-pressure air bladder) in less than 30 minutes.