air bladder

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air bladder,

in fish: see swim bladderswim bladder,
large, thin-walled sac in some fishes that may function in several ways, e.g., as a buoyant float, a sound producer and receptor, and a respiratory organ. The swim bladder, or air bladder, is located in the dorsal portion of the body cavity and is filled with gases.
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Forty-five percent showed signs of overinflated air bladders.
The inventor has developed a working prototype of the Air Bladder Transmission Jack.
The present study aims to understand the alterations in phosphatases activities at different time intervals in the tissues like gill and air bladder of freshwater air-breathing catfish, M.
Close to the back, and on each side, of the helmet are the air bladders that simulate a direct hit, just like the playing vests.
Aluminum lugs reduce overall shaft weight and significantly increase shaft body and air bladder life.
After a gar is played and finally worn down, finish it by carefully placing an arrow (or arrows) into the vital air bladder.
Variable amounts of air can be pumped into the air bladder to match the patient's comfort level or compression requirements.
And this step would undoubtedly have involved the invention of an air bladder to assist in blowing charcoal to obtain an even hotter fire, thereby freeing Ugh and his associates from exercising strenuous lung power.
To avoid leaving someone out in this discussion, I plan to cover cushions by category: foam, gel, air bladder, honeycomb, etc.
Other sets of feet help the reader learn more about ocean life: "scrunch feet" break shells into sand, "squash feet" pop the air bladder of a piece of seaweed, and "squish feet" are pulled down into the sand by the retracting force of the waves.
In 8% (2/24) of the cases, the air bladder was filled with thick, flocculent, white/tan exudate.
Bayer's seat concept integrates a multi-compartment TPU air bladder with a rigid base or seat pan.