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air bladder,

in fish: see swim bladderswim bladder,
large, thin-walled sac in some fishes that may function in several ways, e.g., as a buoyant float, a sound producer and receptor, and a respiratory organ. The swim bladder, or air bladder, is located in the dorsal portion of the body cavity and is filled with gases.
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If the fish cannot resubmerge, vent additional gas from the fish's air bladder as described above.
The heart of these products is a lightweight air bladder made of a plastic resin that is fed data from pressure sensors and a controlled air valve system in simulating the playing environment.
Regarding "A Warning Label About Nothing" (Opinion/Analysis by Dan Berger, March 2007): Although I thoroughly enjoy caviar (fish eggs) with many wines, especially Champagne, I have not embarked on the practice of consuming isinglass (a form of collagen derived from sturgeon air bladders) in any appreciable amounts with or without my favorite wine.
The air bladders flex to allow the user to work through their neurological tone to reach muscle inhibition, putting the user in control of the gradual increase toward extension.
Innovative Products Sales & Marketing Inc.'s LiftPack backpacks contain proprietary air bladders that allow them to conform to the natural curve of the spine.
But rockfish can't be caught and released because they have sensitive air bladders that can kill them if they're brought out of depths greater than 60 feet.
Fighter pilots, who experience high Gs when training to evade enemy planes, wear "G-suits." A G-suit has air bladders, or pockets, that inflate to squeeze the legs and abdomen so blood doesn't pool.