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On clinical examination, RR > 60/min for > 2 hours, grunting, flaring of nasal alae, subcostal, intercostals retractions, diffuse reticulogranular pattern and air bronchogram on X-ray chest, arterial blood gas done whenever necessary was done and all preterms < 37 wks.
The presence of an air bronchogram and a decrease in lung sliding are other ultrasonographic findings in AAA (11).
The radiological evidence is the pulmonary edema with interstitial opacity, consolidations, air bronchogram, and Kerley's "B" lines.
Chest radiographs showed a severe bilateral air bronchogram in the lung field.
An additional finding that may help to confirm this diagnosis is the presence of the air bronchogram (Fig.
An SPN containing an air bronchogram, bronchiologram, or cystic lucencies is highly suggestive of bronchogenic carcinoma, specifically adenocarcinoma (Figure 13).
As shown in Table 2, the vast majority of the pulmonary infiltrates were considered as alveolar type, two-thirds had air bronchogram, one in three patients had pleural effusion, usually on one side, and one in four multilobar disease.
At the time of admission, the chest CT showed diffuse exudation, uniform ground-glass shadow, which is more obvious in the right lung, visible air bronchogram sign in the right lower lobe of the lung.
7] Typical chest X-ray findings of low volume lungs with a diffuse reticulogranular pattern and air bronchogram supported the diagnosis.
With severe atelectasis, air in the lung is greatly reduced, leading to the loss of the air bronchogram signs and more widespread opacity of the lung fields.
Respiratory distress was diagnosed on the basis of clinical criteria such as retraction of chest wall, cyanosis, hypoxemia, hypercarbia in ABG and radiological feature such as reticulogranular pattern and air bronchogram.
High resolution CT scan of the chest (Figure) revealed small effusion in the left chest with collapse and air bronchogram, and pools of abscesses.