air control valve

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air maintenance device

A valve required to introduce air into a tank which stores water under pressure.
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With the increasing attention which governments, official bodies, and citizens pay to air quality and with the release of stricter emission standards, two wheeler engines require a more precise air/fuel ratio control, which only Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) with an idle air control valve (IACV) can provide.
The most difficult part of the design was designing the air control valves at the hoods and at the makeup air supplies.
It produces fuel pressure regulators, air by-pass valves, idle air control valves and PCV valves in its two facilities in Michigan and Florida.
Moreover, as there are no mechanical linkages between the gas and combustion air control valves and dampers, there is no risk of 'sticking'.
Ross Controls is often credited with developing the first pneumatic control valve in 1920, and today is a leading manufacturer of compressed air control valves.
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