air grille

air grating

1. A fixed metal grille on the exterior of a building through which air is brought into, or discharged from, the building for purposes of ventilation.
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My teenage children entertained themselves for hours spying on each other by listening through the return air grilles. The first modification my wife and I made to the house was to blank off the return air grille to our bedroom ...
The V12 Vantage Roadster features a redesigned rear boot lid and lower front air grille, plus a number of chassis revisions.
'Finally, the combination of noise-dampening material against the air plane's interior skin and the design of the new integrated air grille will make the cabin quieter for a more comfortable flight.'
The problem can be fixed with the application of an adhesive to the louver, an air grille panel on the car, and owners of affected cars can have them fixed at local dealers, GM said.
The variation of temperature and humidity at return air grille were recorded by a multi-channel data logger (YOKOGAWA, Model MV100) with several temperature and humidity transmitters.
The return air passed through a hinged core return air grille. I opened the grille core, and there was the filter totally clogged with dirt.
(12), carried an investigation on the Jet entrainment in air curtain of open refrigerated display cases where certain parameters like turbulent intensity, shape of the mean velocity profile at the discharge air grille, and the Reynolds Number were identified, quantified and the amount of entrained air was computed and showed that the shape of the vertical velocity profile and the turbulence intensity present at the supply air grille controlled the entrainment rate and at different stages.