air house

pneumatic structure

A very lightweight enclosed structure, usually fabricated of a membrane of an impervious material and supported by the difference in air pressure between the exterior and the interior of the structure rather than by a structural framework. Fans must maintain the interior pressure slightly in excess of normal atmospheric pressure to prevent the structure from slowly deflating and collapsing. Used primarily as a temporary enclosure or to house sports facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools. Also called an air-supported structure.
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The exhibition includes the bass guitar he used to jam with The Beatles and the pool table on which they all played a game at his rented Bel Air house in Hollywood when they met on August 27, 1965.
The evening saw a reception being hosted for the NCC cadets by the Air Chief and Kiran Browne, President Air Force Wives Welfare Association (AFWWA) at the Air House.
CHIC suburban elegance and a property designed with modern buyers in mind, gives the Eaton show home at Bryant Homes' Crown Fields development, in Saighton, Chester, a decadent air house hunters will fall in love with.
Employing a system more sophisticated than most OEM paint plants, Eastman's paint spray facility includes a clean room lab, two spray booths consisting of both a robotic and manual application area, an air house, a staging lab, a support area and additional safety features.
Sambuichi's Air House, like his very different building for Miwa pottery dynasty (p72), is an essay in environmental propriety.
He's renting a Bel Air house for the summer for a piddling pounds 15,000 a month.
Detective Frank Stangler of the West Los Angeles Division said: "There was no evidence at the Bel Air house that there was any violence or crime committed.
The most expensive home sold last year was a Bel Air house that went for $7 million in November.
Despite the dark side ruling over house in 2007, Hed Kandi have stuck to their guns and this album is predominately funk, with two of the three discs full of hands in the air house.
Try as you might to put the boot into any of their work, you always come away with a grudging admiration for accessible main room trance sounds, hands in the air house or reassuringly cool electronica.