air plant

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air plant:

see epiphyteepiphyte
or air plant,
any plant that does not normally root in the soil but grows upon another living plant while remaining independent of it except for support (thus differing from a parasite).
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Sample of air plants 'Tillandsia' display tray His display of plants on his work desk made everyone in the office ecstatic about his hobby and inspired some of them to start their own.
EASY TO MAINTAINThere are two types of terrariums: closed, for "wet" plants that require moisture like mosses, ferns and aquatic plants and open for "dry" plants such as cacti, succulents, air plants and tropical plants.
After 16 years of uninterrupted service and taking into account the increased compressed air demand ERC chose to upgrade the compressed air plant.
Anaheim, CA, February 06, 2015 --( Cyma Orchids, a local family owned and operated grower, wholesaler and distributor of high quality orchids and unique home decor accessories, introduced a new product: Deco Wire Vase with Air Plant. The sleek, simple, modern design of this uniquely crafted home decor piece is both stylish and easy to care for because it features an air plant.
In addition to providing energy storage, the liquid air plant will convert low-grade waste heat to power.
or Lucille Ramsey Long, a sheet metal mechanic and riveter at the Boeing Air Plant Factory.
A bankruptcy court continues to hear testimony on the Epic Air plant in Bend, Ore.
If you have a love of all things funky, set up a small air plant in your bedroom.
One of the easiest plants to grow is the Tillandsia cyanea - it's an air plant and gets most of what it needs from the air around it!
The CAP[TM] Clean Air Plant, model CAP-600, designed and distributed by Air & Water Solutions, Inc., eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and associated odors by controlling indoor air quality.
It is unusual to find a live oak that does not have many epiphytes or air plants living on it, especially resurrection fern or spanish moss, that lacy, romantic symbol of the South Spanish moss is an epiphyte, or tropical air plant, that requires another plant for mechanical support but not nutrients because it has its own system for producing food.